Tuesday, September 3, 2013

written to the rhythm of a latenight blues guitar

The only way out leads through your own self
And it's a constant path of harsh belief,
Traveling along without meaning, is no one's lonely battle to achieve.
I called you late one evenin'-
Called you out of all your grief,
Striving to stand beside you,
I bent down on one knee,
No forgiveness is required,
I'm alone at the edge of sovereignty,
Livin for the endless moment
Capturing the axis of my peace.
It's all a long and weary crossroad,
If you choose to lay down in defeat.
I'm already long forgotten,
And reborn from what's left of me.
Always creating to destroy it,
building it up high to tear it down.
No longer are you standing at the corner,
Of joy and endless agony,
I walk forth knowing you are risen,
Somewhere far off beyond the sun.
Never to battle with your pain and,
with the never quitting ache of destiny - that was drawn out and divided by your heart and,
a mind that struggled with Livin well for your own good;
never thriving first in your line of priority.
My heart well it always wins my battles,
Regardless of a mind that breeds tragedy.
A spirit that believes in reincarnation,
Will rouse itself to rise up & on out of poverty... No longer sellin your soul for a quick fix,
Buyin and selling all your happiness.
My soul it will lay down not for no one-
To be fed and to be drowned by too much false belief.
I live outside of your reason,
Not fallen or tripped up by your
Whored out faith in thee.
There's a garden beyond all the stars
And it waits for you to accept your fate and Be.
No you ain't gonna get there,
By stealing or borrowing integrity.
It's easy without too much complication
Made hard by too much theft of dignity
- a long road though you cannot see it,
A lit path leads you quietly,
Keep your mouth closed and your eyes on the road,
Your eyes wide and your hands on the wheel-
steering gets rough when shit gets real, but you ain't alone.
It's all the same,
You are we,
I am she,
We are thee
Every, any all and none
The time has come,
To be freed.
Step forward and collect your key-
It's waiting at the corner of silence and peace.

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