Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spontaneous affirmations vol.22

I allow myself to be vulnerable. Just as the fear always rises; I harness its energy as a warrior, my victories are fuelled by fear, just as my failures are recognized as beauty.

I recognize my failures and celebrate them with equal measure to my successes. I find clarity in the knowing that while I may not always succeed, every effort is a win in the battle for conscious courage.

I am brave in the moments that matter most, a difficult decision that effects my sense of self. The trying moments in which I am tested by temptation, clear in the notion that the difference between action and failure to launch, is simple decisiveness. My decisions define my character and I make them wholeheartedly with my greatest good in mind.

I live on the goodness that surrounds me, seeing beauty in all things that are. Knowing that even in heartbreak, even in pain and in loss - there is purity and light in that darkness, that with awareness is transformed from pain.
I am light.

I trust all the pain that I'm given, through agony and tragedy -I maintain
A full- hearted notion of freedom and the faith that it takes to face pain.
I am invincible when I am mindful, let each incident be not just a drain, on my will or my want to continue - and when i must rise up and accept my banes,  I am fearless and faithful, and loving- transformed by each wonderful gain.

I am freedom. Free like the wind and boundless as the sea. Liberated by my fusion with nature, I breathe into the flow of the wind and it moves through me, each part of me hoisted up and carried along by our union.

I am vulnerable - strongwilled and with a heart forged from delicate openness.
Courageous and fearless i allow myself to be open, My vulnerability is a superpower.

8.8.13 11:11am

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