Monday, January 2, 2012

randomrecipe- tasty(superfood)balls

in these last years, cooking has almost become a lost art to me.
especially after having spent so much of 2011 living(working) on the beach in Tulum, with wonderful mexican chefs to make my meals. ( i swear that makes me sound a hell of alot more pampered than i am.) one thing i did bring home with me to Canada was a whole host of inspired thinking around eating, including some newly acquired superfood-tastes.
in any case, with the late '11 health challenges i encountered, and the newly refined menus i am growing accustomed to, along with the typical early-year cleansing n' recommitment to nurturing the temple and i did some experimental culinary creation:

heres what came out:


 2tbsp dry steel cut oats

1 tbsp ground chia
( you can use chia seeds too if you like,  but soak them for a half hour first )

1-3ish tbsp whey protein
( there's some question about whether whey is actually good for you, i choose to believe it is )

1-2 tbsp hemp<3s

2 or 3 tbsp raw cacao powder

some generous squeezes from the honey pot
( since i don't have my own apiary yet, my fav. is organic wildflower or manuka honey )

2 tbsp raw coconut oil
( i foster a coconut oil obsession,  i recco. to use it for just about everything, but please don't buy the stuff in the plastic jars, bpa/leeching & all )

1.5 tbsp ( a fat pinch ) raw shredded coconut

1 tbsp raw sunflower seeds ( or toasted if it pleases you )

grated shredded or otherwise chopped - organic baby carrots ( 2 or 3 of them will suffice )

crushed raw pistachios & crushed raw almonds
( - add a wee bit of the nuts to the mix and save the rest )

- mix that shit up
- roll your balls in the nuts ( they ought to be nice and coated with the mixture )
- place into a dish lubed with coconut oil
- bake in a 300-350ish oven for a spell ( maybe 15 min? )
- take out and pop into fridge asap, for like an hour-ish
- eat as desired. packing muchos energy they are a good AM choice.

* 1 tbsp = a big fat overflowing heap
** ish = as much as you like within modest bounds
*** im pretty sure every ingredient on here can be categorized as a 'superfood'  this recipe can also be made to be totally raw if you nix the 20min bake sesh
**** i think, if you desired, you could substitute the oats for amaranth ( which has the highest protein content of any grain ) or quinoa, or both; - they would be equally as tasty
***** they'd prob. also be tasty w/ goji, cran or blueberry too if you feel like 8 superfoods just ain't enough
****** this random creation is vegan and organic and turned out surprisingly yummy

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