Monday, November 21, 2011

spontaneous affirmations - vol1

i am most thankful the universe delivers what i need
when i need it
everything is perfect
& just as i can often not see them right away,
answers are clear.

i am true to my heart &
give for the purpose not of receiving
but for goodness, for unity

i thank my clarity for bringing me further aligned &
always ensuring i am provided for. i am in harmony with the laws of nature &
i reap the abundance it brings.
i am brave enough to work to be in the flow &
my courage fosters compassion &
generosity in others.
a thank you turned inward
brings prosperous & vital moments.
ive never been so sure of just how i was going to make it from one space to the next
planning seemed so greyareasans-impulse... ambivalent to the moment.
...focused effort in one place creates change...
a balanced combination of nowism and foresight, has been recommended to achieve the most successful degree of accuracy in just how to compel progress via quelling the dwelling too far toward futurism...
executing this, is surfing the wave of reality while balancing on the revival of presence.
-a perpetual lack of presence, creates discord in the heart thus resonating the frequency of chaos into otherwise clear-minded goals...
because goals are nothing anyway if you cant show up for 'em now.
alleviating unanswered excerpts from your life
the courage to be kind and strong, willful despite circumstance,
graces the arms, and the hearts, of not everyone.
take kindly to the invitation to relieve suffering, on multiple levels.... in so many incarnations... never sway from the lips of higher wisdom.
the truth that roots in your body like a grounded fortitude unfit for debate,
allows space for the solution to breathe... and it weaves into your awareness, like a great quilt of inherent &artfulknowing... a beautiful, brutal, unquestionable wingedgift...thats been there all along, patiently perched on the foot of the sofa, ...unfolds its wings revealing:
it is with integrity to my own inner knowing that i am affirmed in my inklings.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...