Sunday, May 1, 2011

somewhere amidst the twilight of fearlessness, our future baits us wtih precision accuracy, like a surgeon, an idealists tool has crafted ploys of possibility in order to drive you towards digression.
hold firm in the moment, be charged with the notion that all will come in its time... the universe bestows her blessings on patience.

10 things you can do to actualize your presence.

1- stop. breathe in.... close your eyes...exhale and smile. :) you are alive.
...conscious breathing deems it as such.
2- look up ...towards the sky, towards a window, towards a loved one. focus on what you see, appreciate its artful relevance to your now.
3- speak aloud the words of freedom, your words. whatsoever your freedom song is.. let it graceyour lips...
i am. it is. and so it shall ever be.
4- imagine all of your moments prior to this, determine them no longer relevant, only brief synopsis on the inside bookjacket-cover of your story.
5- taste something. water, an orange, a tea leaf...whatever is closest to you... take it to your lips and let its flavour inspire your mouth with reverance for its delightful -unique-ness. cinnamon. cherry. vanilla... jasmine...honey.. yum.
the taste of now.
6- sit up straight,  tuck your navel to your spine in the eye of your mind... alignment transcends flesh.
feel the space between your vertebraes... allow the energy to flow between them. a collapsed spine is a collapsed mind.
7- listen to the sound of your in-breath....imagine it is a great wind thats blowing across the planes of a miraculous haven inside your body.
8- place your hand over your heart. feel the warmth from the palm..effortlessly connecting to your core, feel the powerful, never-ceasing rhythm here, the centre of all the universe is born in this space.
9- smile. feel how the simple expression changes the entire composition of your being, lightens it, removes latent negativity, creates an easeful sensation of simplicity that can translate into so many languages. smiles, have no dialect, so much information is carried here... all the purity of life. :)
10- &now that you are present, you can tend to whatever loose end is distracting you from bigger and better progress..

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...