Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the flavor of dreams resonates a sortof recurring message of massacred faith
i swear to myself so often that i have done the work to heal certain parts of myself
certain relationships with certain concepts
but alas, nothing is certain..
and the breeze of uncertainty blows in a reckoning
a time for release.
yet how do you rid what was once so deeply woven into the very essence of you...
conspire to erase what you loved...?
.... seems tragic, impossible, without answer...
and within the walls of forgotten lives the moss grows, the roots still exist
the webs of spiders weaving lament that requires reconciliation, cleansing,
remnants for removal..
this dream i continue to have in which the circumstances change but the message is the same,
reminds me...all is but another opportunity to redefine

Thursday, May 24, 2012

in the free and blessed hours where we have alotted ourselves the opportunity to simply be with ourselves without pretense or overshadow or the loom of impending activity... all things have the opportunity to become crystallized.
the telltale signs of progression resound rather subtlely, simply, within the quiet moments wherein we are not focused upon the lists and the arduous path to whateverwhichever staggered success we've fixated upon next, ive been living so long in silence in cyclical patterns within my own mandala, representative of a many faceted approach with a singular intention ....
the mundane creeps in ...so often begging to be appreciated rather than numbed and diluted for an altered perspective, impossible it is, for something to be anything other than what it is, by nature.
i am in and out of the flow when i battle against uncertainty, with refusal to accept its utter perfection
with refusal to recognize my own righteousness, accept my own self-deprication and learn the methods in which to foster healing...
yet i know them. in my bones, my reflexes, my instincts understand.. its only an intellectual block that requires removal..

as we move through evolution and release old baggage and endeavour to move forth with a heart that is clear like the sea... it strikes me how thickly the walls inside us become built up upon... like hardened arteries...
the relationships of my past, regularly haunt me. some more than others and many specific instances, but regardless of detail the premise is the same. its been a series of sacrificial, egotistical, self-indulgent digressions, objectifications, chemical reactions...amidst the nonchalant search for equality and balance and a healthy exchange. i see this first within myself, knowing all of these issues stem from unaddessed suffering- but suffering unaddressed can so easily be healed with simple awareness
we can free our relationship shadows, heal our relationship patterns and begin fresh new adventures by choosing simple confrontation to the house of mirrors in the soul.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...