Monday, December 19, 2011

a life well lived is one in which we stand not beside ourselves in disbelief, but behind ourselves in self-belief.

Monday, December 12, 2011

stillness vs. motion in the art of presence

today, i remembered, as i felt myself get all hot and wonderful, the endorphins swirling 'round after the first post-recovery workout... running and warrior squats, pushups, headstands, and a few pullups, in the playground around the corner, blasting in my ears....breath hot in my lungs,
it became clear again; why it was that i first became so obsessed with training &the gym.
it wasnt solely about my warped self perception back then, more than that, it was the freedom and mindfulness and escape, found during that time of disciplined exertion of so much physical energy.
that is why i loved it, the love affair ensued as i discovered i could lose, and find myself, all in the same place whilst furiously expending my energy.
...that crazyfireykundalinicreativeenergy... that stormed inside of me, creating so much restlessness, and need for action and movement and creation...

this notion is near to the heart of my biggest lesson lately too, which is learning to appreciate and flourish in stillness... something that i still yet struggle with, which given our culture, is not uncommon, but still creates much unrest in those of us who over-examine its effects.

i recorded a random stream of consciousness type video that briefly touched on this idea - back in oct. the concept of discovering stillness and singleminded focus and peace, in the art of movement, and as i found myself in the centre of such need for stillness...for ar.t inmotion to become still remains what feels like a foreign concept...
to further articulate the concept of motion and meditation... take running for example; pounding the pavement, our lungs full of fire; a place where we are forced to focus, on the simple task of breathing.

all other thoughts vanish, save for that primal need to just breathe. so perhaps it is the act of doing that we discover the concept of being. the energy of meditation is mindfulness, presence, awareness and concentration and allowing... yet finding it the art of doing over being seems to contrary to its essence, yet for someone with a mind that moves non-stop, ever-producing ideas, and creative plans and an excess of philosophical notion, it makes sense.
learning to channel so much kinetic energy while being still, is an incomparably difficult task. one that can transmute into madness if not properly managed.
there is very little that occurs in our waking hours, that requires no energy burning...near all we do expends energy; and cultural influence aside,
simply as creative, problem solving beings, we are consistently putting out, putting out, putting out...
perhaps because....its safe in that place, in that mode, in the constant release of energy, through art or through communication or through brutal 4 hour workouts... its safe because we are forcing ourselves to a place of presence.
a shortcut to true stillness?
its no mystery that mindfulness is key to happiness, to real enlightenment...
through this exercise-induced recollection, the other thing i have reaffirmed is that, for those whom find their space in exertion over inertia, it seems as if that is a phenomenon that arises perhaps, because we cannot find that stillness, that space, that singular focus, anywhere else but through movement.

chaos though calm, calm through chaos...i suppose meditation knows no action, really, other than awareness.

Friday, December 9, 2011


temples of devotion to our dreams and our dharma.
expressions of affirmations that nourish our longings to rise... to transform... to extend great expansive influence over the landscape of our lives.

sacredspace; an ever-permeating concept;
being and doing, creating and allowing, action and stillness, awareness and honoring...

sacred exists in the balance. between faith and diligence.
the balance of artful living;
delicate and dynamic....
...vulnerable and unwaveringly strong.

sacred is the personification of art's reverence to symbolism.

in the abundance of sacred in all that is... mundane moments, and majestic ones, are unified.

unity is the undertone of all things creative.
...creation is connection and connection is most sacred.
art is lipservice to the divine.. the flavour of salvation...sacred sustenance by which to nourish more beautiful realities... sustain more shining aspirations.

....sacredspaces are within us, breeding in those pools of inspiration.
igniting in the primal desire to connect.
to experience something divine...
to be called to the highest purposeful production.
once blessed by suchsacredawareness... living becomes a ritualistic dance rife with expression.

sacredspaces inside, once realized, mobilized, carried on, with knowing, that despite circumstance and scenario... we are indomitable if aligned with our unique expression.

integrity acts a shield protecting these fertile innerspaces,
our temples of truth...of perennial possibility..
as sacredbloomsforth from within .... creating art of all life,
build those spaces for the divine to manifest its amenity by beauty...

construct gorgeous nooks whereto pay homage to your dreams...
platforms on which to energize and empower your creations...
...altars for actualization.
infuse them with potentiality.

sacredspaces make real the intentions we have to succeed. to nourish. to evolve. to be free.
sacredspaces: veneration for all that is possible.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

shine on the shadows we cast. pt1

... we stand afraid of our own light so very often, creating our own shadow
...darkening hours and spirits.. like the cast of a great majestic tree across the roof of survival.
the shadow is only the yin side of happy... the dark side of smiling...the suffering of joy. and exists only as a projection of that which we yet cannot bring to light... expose.. grant visibility to...

Monday, December 5, 2011

collective reckoning, forsaken beckoning
is the reality we create ever experience-able by any other than ourselves
through our own eyes and with our own hearts.
how do you allow patience for deliverance, in the wake of so much suffering-
deliberation, manifestation,
acquisition of faith... begets broken promises
false ideals... unequated syllables that can free the pure intent, as its dilution is inevitable if the frequency is wrong.
resounding notions of freedom become whispers in the latent resolution that sits still underneath the window of awareness... a formidable realness, a heavy handed motive with yet underlying quality...
fortune says you must learn from its misses.
deliberate instinctual action amidst so much chaotic immobility.
we are alone and never alone, not forsaken in our finest hours of pain, but one with the eternal emptiness that alleviates all...
can faith be restored with simple forgiveness or are there amendments to forgiveness' foundation; particulars that alter the integrity of belief.
trust is a delicate veil that permits us to be, act and expect in accordance with true-hearted belief.
if we dismiss its fragility by testing its vulnerable areas, can we overcome, mend breakage with forgiveness, or do the loopholes depend on circumstance?
seeking the balance between masochism and selflove, sacrifice and martyrdom.. where does the line exist between allowing; and asking for it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

delivering value to the world..

there is a niche for all,
an offering for everything.
consolidation for the organization of your efforts
a support system for every thought,
every instance,
every expectation,
every facet,
every notion,
every aspect of conscious living,
entrepreneurship to loving,
conscious coaches for each step of evolution,
a therapeutic solution to every emotion,
transient religions monetize your processes of existence?
(when) ....does it become a shortcut to true discovery & learning?

& to those whom provide a valuable service
where does the balance exist ...between art & conformity to marketable design?
does delivering your value to the world, in all of its splendor, become compromised by selling?
by generating income on the evolution of others,
'pon exhibitionism of beauty,
by creating a packaged, buyable version of artful insight, or of unique n' genuine creation
do we sell out?
or are we delivering authentic value in the name of the greater good?

why question if your intention is in integrity
for, .... is beautiful to co-create better realities.
are we disciples of the universe?
disciples of ourselves?
disciples for experience and her great and many teachings?
perhaps all 3 simultaneously... and in synergy with the frequency of the reality we create.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...