Monday, September 30, 2013

Twenty One + things I want to do with you... a fictional manifest; volumeone.

1- In the morning, eyes tired still puffy from glorious rest, I want the dreams still fluttering about my eyes, settled into a strange crust in the Corner, ever so gently wiped away with an adoring smile- careful hands brushing away the remnants of dreams that are about to transcend into waking life.

2- I want a smile so childlike upon recognition of my presence, I cannot bare the brightness of it and lean up to kiss each corner of it, with subtlety and gentle appreciation for your beauty.

3- I want the dawn to greet the room as if it is shining for the very first time upon two humans... This is the birth of humanity here in this room. This moment crystallized as I look into your eyes and I instantly know, no doubt will ever cloud this certainty.

4- I want to reach over with my tiny hand, lay it across your chest and feel the pumping of blood through your heart, a heart so big it's a mystery how any human chest contains it.

5- I want to move then in time with the rhythm of that heartbeat, rising up, fusing into, breathing in sync to the endless moments of joy that start now with a tantric embrace.

6- I want to feed you Cherries I have picked from a tree , two doors down in a neighbours beach front orchard - how they grow fruit in this climate is a wonderful conundrum that matters not now, as the juice stains your lips and I kiss it away- rendering my own the colour of Tulum sunrise.

7- I want to hear the story behind why you have come here - why you left wherever you grew up, what drove you to dream bigger than that four walls of family home front.

8- The trials and the struggles to escape a limited path, I want to absorb them as if they were my own, then cleansing and purifying all the heartache, revitalizing your mind with ethereal detox... and redefining your definition of love.

9- I want to feed the birds by the water, gluten free organic toast scraps, leftover from breakfast in bed.
That French toast that was made with real maple syrup, tapped from the trees of your great grandfathers acreage.
Powdered sugar was everywhere, hand printed across asses and cheeks filling the kitchen with the sweet mess of morning bliss.

10- I want to have layed across the counter and have you fed oranges to me as we laughed, because who makes breakfast naked- life is sticky and sweet and I want this to be known without saying.

11- I want to lay for hours in a hammock swing while you read - Tom Robbins novels and Leonard Cohen Poems and the language of literary greats...and Comedic missives from authors names we can't recall because all that endures in the memory is word.
Hammock naps amidst breezes and brief intervals where we cannot stop kissing for fear we might perish.

12- I want to be worshipped not for ego- but as the warrior princess I am - i want to hear stories of victories of the selfless battles I fought - as told through the eyes of the author who's name is the same as your own.
Your poetry lives in your virtue and in the way that you see all the world ...humbled by great shining pages, written in Spanish and verse.

12- I want you to be all the things that I strive for in my own highest version of self. Clean living devoted and without crutches in life and delivering effortless wisdom simply through being as you are. The kind of person people respect but the kind of respect that's unwavering and simply a given. And never questioned due to your sex or your age or how you look. The kind of gentle soul who soothes the spirits of others simply by being present and smiling. A disarmer by default- able and influential enough to break down any wall or front.

13- I want to get into secret and forbidden places with you, or past VIP ropes (if either of us cared of such things) or into top secret lairs with ease. You make a gatekeeper laugh and we are free to wander into special places - frolicking about, splashing in secret pools and lounging in lush gardens - bubbles blown through the air creating an atmosphere that is redolent of Ridley Scott's legend land, so ethereal the faeries can be seen with eyes closed- heard giggling.

14- I want to run through fields with you.
Barely able to control our knees from laughter, the air is thick with the
Whisps of wishes blown from a million dandelions. Where we are going is irrelevant nor certain but the journey is the only part that matters.
When we discover grassy hills you most certainly suggest we roll down them gleefully and in a partial race to the bottom we will stop to roll over one another with the mirth that is so full it spills out of our eyes and ears and when our lips meet, the world drops away. Oblivion personified.

15- As we make the magic forest our part time home you build me a swing, maybe a tire swing but maybe something more traditional, even though I rebuke most tradition.
"Swings are a favourite of faeries"
you mention as you confess- you're sure I've been reborn one in this lifetime, with powers of goddess and fae.
The wisdom I whisper to you is every thing you already know because you have dreamed it, recurringly your entire life. And of my face. Which to me is crooked, to you- you say the most immaculate gem of poetic proportions.

16- I want to feed you grapes that we have picked on a wild afternoon- meeting winery owners who quickly develop a love and adoration for us and invite us to work on their land in amidst the sun drenched fields, and abundance of fruit.

17- I want to lay down in the dirt with you- after you take off your shirt an offer it as a barrier between myself and the ground - I will refuse.
in commune with Gaia the energy is rich and potent- and we will stare up at the clouds as they roll by in shapes that tell ancient ancesteral stories of great majestic love. The love that moved mountains the love that created these valleys for abundance to grow ... Love like ours.
Later we return to the winery - sip Cabernets with fascination for love heightens every sense you have.

18- I want to wake up naked alongside you- on the sand that's so white it is easily mistaken for snow- tired from the love made under the moon we will rise with the sun and race to the sea to find renewal in its great aqua arms.

19- I want to hear you speak, of purification from all that's ever ailed me... And how later in the day you will bring the Mayan shaman to heal me- and how he will spread noni leaves and belladonna blossoms across my body.
The ancient energies at work they remind me that nothing's permanent - all things change like the great carribean tide and when you settle into its flow and track its patterns quite accurately - is when it changes drastically, shifts from calm to wild and unpredictable. That's how you are like the sea" you'll say to me, and we will dance with mantras in our hearts and minds all full of emptiness....

20- I want to live in a cabin with you - but not a forest cabin, more like a palm palapa by the Oceanside- a cabana that gives just the right amount if shelter for a human or two. The right size to make sunset storytelling a vivid reality and sunrise excitement full of promise.

21- Since we do not know one another, yet I am sure you exist; I want to meet you somewhere during autumn in Ontario. When the seasonal shift is settling down in your bones and the warmth of indian summer still remains, when leaves become crunchy and the frolick from our childhood is reborn in the afternoons of jumping in leaf piles and gazing at the big orange harvest moons... dreaming, visioning, praying for neverending moments like this.

September 30th, 2013 10:23pm
to be continued.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...