Thursday, March 29, 2012

its never not now and when isnt it?

not much needs to make sense in order to progress -
its a secret inside joke between yourself and you, that gives you the compulsion to derail - that you must remain a party-to
- a pre-emptive tragedy: is changing the channel to auto-pilot; which never saw any evolutionary programming take place in the heart of your hearts.
better to alleviate with forgiveness.
turn off the need for excess
moderation in all things - +all viewpoints become clarified, or more so embodied with the ability to facilitate true-sight.

if you imagined yourself a great vast canyon ... upon a carved earth peak ...a telescope into forever
will you climb within to reach that vantage- or be satisfied knowing such sight is possible.
good question to put things into perspective as to the magnitude of importance of your ego,
an inquiry worth its salt- if you were standing on an unpredictable fault line,
would the earth embark on swallowing you- or would you dance upon it gracefully with appreciation for the utter innocent vulnerability of a planet so ready to open her arms to you-
while you judge and covet and argue blindly with the truth which is so inherently obvious it leads ignorant to seek programmed distractions with undermining messaging to digress them from healing - perpetuate illness, and non-action and exploitation of that which is only natural...

the perfect grace that exists in the symbiotic connection of all living things, inspires a quiet truce within
if only we would get out of our own ways, we could truly know what the missing element for integration with bliss is. its found on a fault line, ready to break open at any moment- demanding justice
can i catch the next train in the recurring dream im having where im always late, the station clock is not on time, i havent the fare to fund a ticket or im hopping off escaping transit police..?
seems the transport's destination remains unknown, or im not sure who to call for a ride once i've missed the 11:43am or the 12:13pm stop.
...perhaps a consistent persistent attempt at getting home, feels that way when im in it,
the dream can never reveal just quite where im off to, but im running...
and im avid like a fujahtive,
or im primal like a refugee.
the nature of instinct lays in the ability not to debate, but to simply, intrinsically- trust.
it's faith that leads traveling warriors to rise up, run off into the nights and the days, wild like unleashed prisoners... escapees from a zoo.
...the real zoo of life is not in the outer-wordly obstacles but the chaos that's within
bound like a rooted sapling, or sprawling ivy vines striving to elegantly and effortlessly cover the side of someone's home...
either one is a starting point for beginning the pilgrimage to unraveling the balance,
discovering the counter point and breathing into the flow...
chaos disseminates with the exhale of realized mundane... a simple awareness of what is.
the way becomes clear, like a path fading into view within the heart of a great mossy forest, ahead- amidst a tunnel of leaves and a mile of unfaltering can see
the distance between here and there, is here.
... the rest is barely visible, but the breeze of promise is a certainty.

the sound of evolution, is it a quiet sonnet in the night, without rhyme or reason....
or does it blare into reality remorselessly and randomly like a siren heralding awakening-
solemn are those who desist in controlling the volume of their understanding.
leap like a tragic hero in an epic tale of redemption into the racket...
alive in the instant.
careless out of the gate.
... worry is a tossed article of clothing removed furiously in a sexcharged encounter,
cast off like an obstacle defeated on the way to victory,
to nakedness, to fusion, to oneness of spirit..
enduring are the memories imprinted during moments of epiphany-
...turning points burn right into your cerebrum, tattooed by divine ink without a canvas,
for canvas is ephemeral- ...illusory and constructed only briefly, to navigate art to its most useful destination... - a reference point that becomes a rearview mirror by which to keep tabs on the lessons you have learned.
forward and inward ever stalwart, be no casualty to compromise or to surprise,
w/tbrilliant unexpected plot twists, not corrupted by previous suffering (for if you carry no whiff of retention the pain does not exist...all is an unopened letter, an envelope delivered by the universe.
-an unpretentious choice is one made without assumption or anticipation,
... but instead quietly and as effortlessly as opening an unlocked door

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the arc of organic art exists in the absence of overanalysis.
rather it is whimisical, fluid, pointillated by digressions...

Friday, March 2, 2012

to all the peeps whom hurt me, whom i thought had loved me, who had held me close to their breasts... in times of vulnerability and openness and unpretentious acceptance, i believed.
& to those in whom i had blindly believed, and from whom i had not expected the same but had hoped in blind faith would come,
to all those moments i realized, that i silently knew, that i heard my gut speak out-
yet had heard and not listened,
to the nights i spent mourning,
and the days i woke grateful- for the pain and the promise the candor and the compromise,
the notions of wellness and lightness of being and unforgiven instances no matter how great -
to the ultimate reality and the ultimate ignorance and the ultimate need to let it all go,
i imagine great landscapes of resolve and rainy tuesdays with drawn curtains,
smoking & vinyl & green tea & carpet picnics... great formidable reprieves from ego.
a tasteless remnant, a memory's imprint an unforced intrigue not held at the helm
sensual and vast, in blows the weather- infusing the night, a narration its own.
to the storm and the sacrifice and the freedom that whispers, a song that is resonant of reprogramming my routes.
& to those routes that will lead to a soulful salvation, i thank thee with tenure, & perpetual grace.

"May the loving kindness engendered by the cultivation of generosity in your life,
 be returned to you a thousand fold.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...