Wednesday, April 27, 2011


in seeking no answer will must suffer into the flow of the universal frequency as it does its divine work through us in each moment, capturingour hearts to set free unto the limitless
dissolution of ego, release of former accents, definition...lessening of understanding paves way for greater heart-centric values to take action..
how is it lives perpetuate cyclical branded suffering without the notion of its superb ability to teach us just what we so over-compensating-ly seek
suffer no longer the light has returned. ....retorno de la luz..... and all things become purified, as we've waded long enough..and we've waited through the rough.. ever present faith has brought much clarity to our purpose.
speak now former demons, and seethe your last words as you're unleashed unto ash upon the horizon of a new tomorrow. ...tomorrow is illusory but for the sake of hope we shall still plant its seeds, not in vain,
ive ceased to feel lust in the late spring hours.. ceased to desire for much aside from space in which to breathe... consciously focused on the irreversible in-breath, elevation has no buttons in which to choose a floor.. comfort has no key to open a sliding, locked-down door.
laid out on what seems as if its tragic written fate, i watch the veil release.. unmasking miles of truth..
uncertainty unbinds us.
the path is never hidden, we only must perceive our footing.
emptiness... within...without....encompassing...evacuating...mimicing fullness in the mirror of outworn patterns.
ready to live?

the light has filled the room of your soul... become expanse...intricately simplified...divided and integrated once more.
you are home.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


inspired by the whiff of a dream, recurring, only to show me there is nowhere to go.. each time i am hustling to catch some modeoftransport...struggling to make it onboard, outbound, onwards towards somewhere continuously undefined, elusive, without a passport. there's nowhere to go in the late hours of april...yet gratitude rises, springing eternal as the tiniest bulbs sprout forth their brave blossomsuntothelight...

gratitude for the inbetween moments where i am silently camped out,incubating elevating, dialating my awareness...
gratitude for neverceasing desire to do good. give more than i have, debate reason w/my ego.
gratitude for opportunity, however tiny, & gratitude for the ability to recognize & appreciate it
gratitude for excess for it teaches humility through it's painful lessons
gratitude for removing the metal cage around the heart...for busting open the 4thcentre... for its past-life reprieve, for understanding and consequent releasefrommysamsara
gratitude for the warriors on my side, your bravery inspires me to continue, your love empowers
gratitude for forgiveness, for releasing baggage and distended systems of belief, simplification is blissful
gratitude for listless moments..never idle...stillyetmoving..
gratitude for small comforts, icing sugaredcookies, blueskiesfortellingpromise, tiny purple flowers & mossy barked trees, gratitude for tea in the late afternoon
gratitude for listening, for the ability to empathize, understanding can be the element that saves a troubled soul
gratitude for laughter its miraculous release, its ability to pervade circumstance and shift all to higher ground
gratitude for not knowing, in the state of confusion, surrendering w/non-action we discover the flow
gratitude for abundance, its measure is limitless, its wealth is in the moments that we truly know joy
gratitude for redemption, each man deserves to sing his song of freedom
gratitude for sleeping jade-wearing kittens, purring happily at one's side, quiet company for the sleepless.



Monday, April 18, 2011

i never knew the nuances of suffering as a blossoming lotus to be adored.
always fought against them as reflexwould have us do...yet to disobey instinct often allows for the sweetest scents of new adventure..alotting for excess has no principle in the divine... moderation in our our sadness..calculated...uncalculated...balance.

i wait for something in muted evenings..under covers lucidlysedated by the season's shift.. some manner of numbness grasps and we yet seek more of the same..and long to awash on the shores of purified perspective..standing on the edge of evolution travellinginstillness through cyclicalpersistentpurposeful reprieve and restraint.

the moment, is it missed when we ponder it too loosely, divulge its splendor without graciousness to its art... ?..we can be crass in our seeming awareness..
i petition for a renaissance in grace.
symbiosisw/quietknowing, demure&genuine... so much talk about revolution.. about truth... in so many decorateddialects... delivered with too much ego.
sell me instead an effortlessly graceful perception. one that's scent lingers as it floats by...
delivering weighted messages of adoration w/the simplistic beauty of suffering's blossoming lotus.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Retaining a forthright attitude t’ward freedom, instead of consistently battling for the upperhand yields that much more in reward come lesson’s harvest.
The knowledge that we think we have a handle on, the wisdom that we proclaim to have earned, forget it, respectfully surrender to the notion that in the larger scheme, we are limitless in possibility, thus we are limited by strictfastholding to perspective.
I allow the infinite to flow through me when I give up seeking and remember that I am found, I only lose myself over and over again for the heart quickening notion of coming back full circle..
Somehow in that process we all become blinded, it’s a natural response...  devouring clues as if we are deciphering some cosmic mystery that in fact is laid out right under our steps.
We build bridges to close the gaps to our truth.
And we cross them cautiously, when more intrinsic abundance is found in the jump from them.

Renaissance ideals deliver conquest that has no meaning, 
a meaningful journey is not a conquest but a simple awakening.
what is it about sustaining this notion that is so elusive?

Friday, April 8, 2011

polaritiesshift... consistentlypersistentresistance to traditional ideals... in the interim between revelations wandering becomes wondering.. and in wonder, there is no answer.
wonderment though, is freshfaced hero, designing inspired worlds to coerse you t'ward happiness.. delivery from the mundane by deciphering the mystery of its glory,
retract your acceptance of ordinary, replenish its definition..
call out the details that distract you from progress and explore their ability to decode the solution.
trafficking beliefs is for the weak.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


triathalon for the soul begins with a step into the present. a forgiveness..awakening, not foretold....experiential coersion..everrevealinginstance.
can you confront that which binds you to all that restraint?
unleash to live for something, in confident altruism... itleadsthelighttoigniteyourdarkness...
mayyou not uphold darkness & fear
when twilight signals retrospect
come clean
ready to begin?
that which binds each to each is also that which is but an illusion
i await i.
grieve not those negative words that saw you woven anew with no whiff of tragedy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

learning the wisdom that's ingrained into the body at a cellular level.....howsicknessmanifests from ego&illwill...stuntedevolution... lifetimes of memory kept catalogued within dna ...asphyxiated by inability to retreat to the inner-world..our bodiesmapourjourneyacrosstheunknown..insidethem
cinematiclike dances of insight weave us blessings to exonerate us from ourselves.
amazing how simple a concept it is that we are love from the start... yet without first reaching within tounleash deep compassion for our perceived glitsches and imperfections we remain paralyzed and shackled to a projected ideal set in place by the ego to deceive and perpetuate our suffering...
in a place of ego we can never truly love ourselves as we lack the fundamental will to truly see ourselves..blinded by expectation.
in absentia from true nature we do not understand love.
dont fear the journey of surrender....the notion of being destinationless is a difficult dream to let die. become liberated from.
witnessing in loving acceptance, we become safe in the moment. present in authenticity.
in love there is no destination.
compassion is the only action deliveringfreedom.
in a this midnight...with newly articulated wounds taking up residence in my organs, i shall cultivate the wisdom that's layed out before compassionately diving into the pain.
its through continued oftenseeming incessant strife that we are forced to learn how to truly live...

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...