Thursday, September 29, 2011

man, isittooearly,toomaterial, togoonabouthowdeliciousifeel,
that its leg warmer season? yum.


in a lifescape of a thousand pocketdreams, pulling out change to feed the progression meter, becomes a required action. consistently reevaluating what it is that creates freedom, defines an authentic, truth-based centre of being from which the energy of evolution can flow unstifled.
how long does it take to refine your sense of purpose, what necessary motions need to be gone through, what series of mini-revelations pave your way in understanding, back to the place where you can deliver focused effort to your mission.
creating space for understanding so very often requires repetitive stumbling through previous lessons, what if we could widen the gap enough to get our perspective from the verge, and still emerge with the same enrichment in understanding, as if we dove headfirst into tragedy and painful pounding reminders of why we need to give up certain things... cease certain actions, burn down specific beliefs. and turn inward the force of love that propels all ventures- so that we remain consistently fueled for a shift in the way we're livin'. here now.

carousing my way back to where i started seems like an elegant slip into the understanding i was unable to grasp without taking the crossroad, shifting the perspective and alotting for space to expand.
the key to integrating new awareness lays in the ability not to slip into a state of counterproductive clinging to outworn attitudes. breaking the cycle.
good love fight for everyday.
step back into the moment and press forward only with a freshfaced rhythm. call upon the unthwarted viewpoints of childlike innocence to nagivate your now with the shotgun accuracy of lightheartedness.

deliver yourself from being a product of the things that happened to you' by being an advocate for forgiveness and wonderment for the idomitable will of the human spirit to continue to exist.
flourish. be grateful. be new. unwrap the gifted ability to overcome.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...