Friday, February 11, 2011


hard to define the immeasurable majesty of descending through subtle worlds from 30,000ft.
remarkable realms of clouds that seeming assuredly contain yet the gods of ages past, wandering, dispersed...
( much is a blur the hours leading up to the moment when i plunged for the first time into the carribean sea... mouth full of salt, heart near to exploding with joy....)
...the vibe in cancun was that of urban sprawl personified...a concrete jungle of all inclusive resorts...the biggest starbucks i have ever seen... corporate domination is indescriminate...
backroads of poverty and a cultural difference that makes a weeblonde canadian girl remarkably evermore grateful for the lifestyle by which i was raised.
shoeless children kicking cans in the dirt...leglesswomen with cups seeking change..
never gets any easier for me to endure the reality of human suffering...empath's plight.
.. i am learning how to build blocks without putting up walls.. but compassion is key to evolution.. so i yet struggle for the balance.
i dozed in and out of jetlagged consciousness as i was driven to the soundtrack of bad 80's music...barry manilow etc... the 90 minutes it took us to get back to tulum... mayan riviera is akin to bali in the 70's so i am told.
down a 5mile road with no lights..
arrived at the mayan retreat that is to be my home for the next 15days.
crashed to the roar of ocean
cut to this morning
light rain...
the parrots here are very effusive in speech..
the vibe is lax. and eclectic mix of people makes it feel very homelike to me, cultural diversity is underrated.
&the magical mystery tour a-la-helengoldstein begins...
50peso cab ride into tulum finds us wandering the dirt sidestreets to find a shaman who helen's scheduled to be @ for 10am.

she performed a powerful front of an altar... 3 eggs... singingbowl...and very strong intent.
feasibly to determine energetic imbalances..blockages...etc...
the smoke from the resin incense ....filled the room loaning transcendental nuances to the 15minute ritual.
spoken entirely in spanish yet little is lost in translation concerning the power of prayer..
for confidentiality's sake details will be limited.. 
cracked eggs in glasses of water reveal whats to be worked on..
she prescribed a hawaiian mantra used to cut old ties, patterns of behaviour, residual energy from past relationships....

im thinking of it as a prayer to release baggage

visualize what it is, who it is, where it is that needs cleansing, renewal, release
a pair of scissors in your left hand and a torch in the other...
...see yourself cutting the ties with the left, applying fire with the right.

Ho'oponopono mantra 

"I am sorry
forgive me
I love you 
and I thank you"

im sorry. forgive me. i love you. and thank you. im sorry forgive me. i love you. and thank you. once a day, for 45 days. minimum.
the view from where i sit is lush,rustic,i feel like ive been here for years. mexican time is like comparing human to dog years... everything takes 8 times longer than what's typical.. although as i am discovering the nicest cultural difference thus far... that many peeps would appreciate..
is that business meetings seem to  be an average of 15 min long.
who wouldnt dig that.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...