Sunday, February 19, 2012

dear mirror i needed you,

& you needed me to cease briefly the repeating of the loop of thought that makes you mad.
that traverses you through nights of listless indulgence and compromise to that inkling within you that knows you need to change.
that whiff of freedom and of glaring truth that makes you sacrifice to perpetuate your methodology, however destructive.
the mirror of the past shining through triggering an unleashing that only act of habit can pull the dam on... im grateful to be your catalyst, your reminder for breaking through suffering
to be the target and the standard by which you draw your ideal of happiness,
even though the reality in application, quite differs.
it never quite made it into the reality. to the tangible. made it to sustainability.
i suffer not in the wake, but for the crest of the waves which drives me forward in the world.. swells along the side of the universe, brushing up against its glorious possibilities...
everything is still everything, and sometimes we go back just to be sure. sometimes through misunderstanding and confusion we pause, smirking at the far off reflections of ourselves that we are not yet ready to see... but still they remain, waiting 'round the corner, slyly presuming surprise once we get there.
i see who you are and in that moment i am presented a clearer picture of who i am, in this great xylophone dream, i thank you for the gentle nudge, the elbow to the ribs of whats real.
and i remain your everloving accomplice, alongside, unattached,
and always ready to remind you of yourself,

theheart of all that transpires,
the flesh of this incarnation, who thanks you for not using it as a method to ease the passing,
the mind thats forever clear when choices for the greater good are made,
the soul. who regardless of circumstances stays rooted, a true warrior who influenced and swayed by nothing remains true.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...