Monday, August 15, 2011

2 moons into a loyal self-committment and i have yet to forsake myself but progress is slow.. i imagine great vast plains and sacred longlost harbours in the caverns of my mind as i unfold with a sort of grace that can only be described as hidden innate, simply waiting to be uncovered. blessed are the days i awake to the sea...great spectacular revelatory miracles are the sunrises in my world and i bask in the glory of awakening each day, the lotus of understanding may be unscented, but it certainly adds a irreplaceable aestheticelement to the entirety of existence.
i suffer no longer save for suffering if only to evacuate my soul of any remnant. i have lived so many years, days and moments with the silence, with the smile in the midst of so much pain. though i believe happiness is a choice, and i strive to live this notion, it serves to be said that sorrow & sadness, has just as much a viable, valuable place in the emotional makeup of our existences. is like the beautiful dance between creation and destruction, light and dark, yin & yang. i have relished many years this feeling of suffering, wearing it like a belt, carrying it like a immensely valuable cargo, and while the lessons have undoubtedly come through via the suffering, i dont believe its the only way to learn.
i am in this instance on the verge; looking down, looking across, deciphering the oracular messages that arrive in the wind....and i believe in this moment i will take the fork in the path. jump down the vast and limitless cavern, with faith i will be caught when reaching the bottom.
i choose to deliver miraculous instances glorious painted dreams to my eyes, i choose to bring a joyous sense of warmth to my organs, i thank my temple for having carried me thus far, and ask forgiveness for the hurt i have inflicted on the way to now.
forgiveness is the first step in any great transformation, forgiveness of ourselves, forgiveness of all those who have hurt us, forgiveness for not stopping the patterns, or breaking the habits, or releasing the baggage much sooner. there is much to be derived from someones character in how easy it is for them to forgive.

i sense slumber on its way to grace my countenance and committ to a wordless dance with her muse.
never ceasing the in-breath, i clear the way for the wellness to flow.
i abide by no law but that which frees. that which places love atop it's empire
i am given to sacrifice for unbridled love; and witness its healing once more.


Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...