Friday, June 28, 2013

blessed are we who rise to the occasion, as the pheonix or as the new spring garden spout...
pulled upward by momentum of solarempowerment
living in these times brings great joy, joy and oppurtunity to unleash the sufferances put upon ourselves and as such afflicted onto the earth.. onto all.. for our wounds they transcend flesh and permeate all life...
i ponder as i look upon so many scars, mapping my journey through this world.. inflicted- by such a denial of what's real. such a supression of feeling. carved art across the canvas of my body, faded and aged and bordering on vintage..
they have their stories, each a unique one- stories of pain and betrayal and stories of lonelydesperation... but those are just tales told in lieu of the truth. which was fear, fear to accept who i was, what i was, what i was coming to know, all of it was so profoundly frightening this awakening... caused such great agony.. before i understood its beauty and imperfection and that its perfection is suffering..
alas the lessons unravel as they are meant to and for 15years past i have carried a visualmap to my becoming.
they no longer draw interest or stares as they did, but they live there upon me, reminding me of my own evolution, my own need to nourish, though earned and burned they're as a martyr to turn, what was painful confusion into a conscious respect for my temple.


the energy flows in, the portal opens itself for transmission, submission to the frequency that dials us in to unified motion, devotion to...