Sunday, November 27, 2011

i pray words in time with breath breath in time with heart
alive in the presence and returned to the source that drives the unseen momentum

words embody the notions that i cannot otherwise release,
emulating the motions of the soul.

" it is a tremendous act of violence to begin anything "

as with all things new, destruction breeds creation and like the phoenix we shatter ideals and demolish barriers and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs with so much fury when impassioned to rise up.
the way of non-violence must instigate a more subtle and organic form of commencement.

along the path to discovery we listen for clues whispered in the breeze. silently conspiring to strive for peace while mired in excess and aggression both sensory and otherwise...and the wind will tell us the sacred stories of nature that reflect our own innocence, our innate ability to sprout naturally and sans-violence and destruction, of forcefulcounterproduction
...everything beautiful is born from suffering, and to loiter too long down the halls of seeming ineptitude leaves space for the chaos to breed.
believe in the way of organic creation,a peaceful and purposeful place to begin is paved with faith.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

inclination toward inspiration
sensory elevation
it is with love that we attune to the frequency of universal truth.

travelling without moving;
neither contrary nor arbitrary are the instances by which we discover grace...such mesmerizing subtlety cannot be substituted nor pass under the guise of familiarity..
grace is a nuance unique..  likened to the caress of a breeze that brings subtle resolution.. a peacegiving intuitive dance, beauty of persuasion without motive. simple, understated, elegant,...& no further from your fingertips when you are aligned.
...each time i imagine grace, attempt instinctual knowing... i envision a great oak, majestic under blue sky and vast fields of golden canvas... the breeze of grace lives here, delicately revealing admonition of her presence, grace floats in like wisps of a dandelion blown in with someone's wish...
'cross the habitat of your spirit.
the tenor of grace is to bless.
with sensual stillness we discover its axiom of peace.

in the sweet territory of silence.....

"In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, 
they would ask one of four questions:
When did you stop dancing? 
When did you stop singing? 
When did you stop being enchanted by stories? 
When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?"  
- Gabrielle Roth
this was a beautiful notion that graced my presence today. 
especially resonant for me at this moment, as i am rediscovering the art of stillness, the strength of silence and the curative power of listening to one's own inner narrative/
it is within silence that we become attuned to the enchanting voice of our hearts, 
the storyof our soul derives its best material
from those artful moments
the unbridled joy of movement...  frolicing freedom... sweet spellbinding song of unleashing wonder and expression.
give voice to your healing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

spontaneous affirmations - vol1

i am most thankful the universe delivers what i need
when i need it
everything is perfect
& just as i can often not see them right away,
answers are clear.

i am true to my heart &
give for the purpose not of receiving
but for goodness, for unity

i thank my clarity for bringing me further aligned &
always ensuring i am provided for. i am in harmony with the laws of nature &
i reap the abundance it brings.
i am brave enough to work to be in the flow &
my courage fosters compassion &
generosity in others.
a thank you turned inward
brings prosperous & vital moments.
ive never been so sure of just how i was going to make it from one space to the next
planning seemed so greyareasans-impulse... ambivalent to the moment.
...focused effort in one place creates change...
a balanced combination of nowism and foresight, has been recommended to achieve the most successful degree of accuracy in just how to compel progress via quelling the dwelling too far toward futurism...
executing this, is surfing the wave of reality while balancing on the revival of presence.
-a perpetual lack of presence, creates discord in the heart thus resonating the frequency of chaos into otherwise clear-minded goals...
because goals are nothing anyway if you cant show up for 'em now.
alleviating unanswered excerpts from your life
the courage to be kind and strong, willful despite circumstance,
graces the arms, and the hearts, of not everyone.
take kindly to the invitation to relieve suffering, on multiple levels.... in so many incarnations... never sway from the lips of higher wisdom.
the truth that roots in your body like a grounded fortitude unfit for debate,
allows space for the solution to breathe... and it weaves into your awareness, like a great quilt of inherent &artfulknowing... a beautiful, brutal, unquestionable wingedgift...thats been there all along, patiently perched on the foot of the sofa, ...unfolds its wings revealing:
it is with integrity to my own inner knowing that i am affirmed in my inklings.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


" dont miss the point because you dont like how it looks on the outside. the world needs people who have a voice. the reason the world is in this situation, now, is in part due to the fact that people dont really, truly have any real power over the larger issues. and that sense of powerlessness breeds another great host of issues... as it stands; things are set in place by forces much bigger than us, and we abide and obey and work to flourish within them. we call it a free world. yet people starve everyday, people who work 80 hours a week to feed their kids, peeps who cant afford healthcare- die slowly, the list is endless, and yet you are right, the corporations only get bigger, richest get richer, and we, in chaos, kill each other, and we blow up countries... sterilize for population control,  we reward greed..... what kind of fucking species destroys its home? humanity's evolution has been suppressed. .... we've done a great job of silencing ourselves... i dont disagree in one regard, with your anti-protest perspective, as sitting around with a painted sign, cant foster any real change,  but in another regard, i fullheartedly believe that there is no way life on this planet will survive without a real revolution."

that was an excerpt from a conversation that transpired around a friend's encounter with the occupy toronto protest, in response to his expression of 'embarrassment over the state of st. james park'
its his belief that no real change can happen by the act of " sitting around complaining and pointing the finger"
my perspective round this is manyfaceted.
given that the medium is the message; it stands to reason that the outward appearance of this movement, ( " hippies sitting in parks smoking reefer" was one take i heard. )
could be perceived,  as a messy answer to an undeniable, ever-present dilemma.

that said; the bigger intention, the bigger motivation, the bigger message,
what the movement is based on,
is what matters,
not what a bunch of peeps, who are occupying a park, are doing whilst being present.
consequently, the medium is the message, and thus the way peeps get portrayed, the perceptions of others, the actions of some, the ignorance of others, unfortunately, makes a very important message somewhat distorted..

i believe the real question ought to be
how do we improve our quality of life without destroying one another, and the world we live in?
big question.
there are a thousand answers, there are no new ideas, only different interpretations,
what is within our capacity, is to believe, to strive to overcome, to make change where we can truly affect it, within our own minds and hearts...
the revolution starts within.
barriers are illusory.
freedom is in being first, and doing second.
translated to action :
give voice to your authenticity. create more beauty. bring more value.
focus within,
be compassionate; sans-judgment, with presence and loyalty to the undeniable true power;

 ' occupy'
to engage or employ the mind, energy, or attention of.
to be a resident or tenant of; or dwell in.

the purpose behind the premise is presence, being present, in this moment in time.
whether its en-masse or in silence, the concept is correct and its a perspective that can free.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...