Saturday, January 29, 2011

... truth being a concept i refuse to spoonfeed to any given entity, save myself sometimes ironically).. that's where the notion of our mirrors in the world enter one supposes..
i can only rightly say that having been awake, truly awake, in the consciousness sense for longer than i slept during my years in this incarnation, i am still baffled ( poor context? ) by the vast array of uniform blur that seems to exist in the peripherals around the concept of truth. by all stretches it could be proposed that truth is a subjective claim, much like all else, thus subject to interpretation and the only true reality... perception. peeps aint really that blind are they? not really that ignorant or lacking the openmindedness to learn?.. ( willingness is another subject altogether )
although idealist that i am, i much prefer to believe that beings have predisposition to being born with inherent understanding of the ultimate concept of truth, and spend often, lifetimes learning information that really is of little consequence to true happiness..and thus upon the proverbial awakening.. then have to unlearn so much of the blatantly useless information that hogs precious mindscape realestate.. leaving little room for expansion much less the breadth of a concept so vast that its presence renders some perpetually unable to progress due to the chaos that ensues when knowledge around the infinite is not appropriately managed.
in any case, truth be told, it is that notion, that keeps anexpanseconsciousmindscapesawakeinweehoursdreaming...spinning the wheels. i have had some formal mindfulness training, with some skilled leaders in that venue of thinking... yet still... technological advances in entraining the frequencies of the mind... substancesthatprovokemeditativestates...and even forgiveness..does not let one sleep who's shrouded in fire.
give me one more moment to subdue lest sacrifice becomes imminent.
..ever awakened by the beauty that is all... blinded by the art of life.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

moments of circumnavigational reprieve lead one to believe... or speculate ...though i am not fond of the notion of speculation as i believe its essence is rooted in a fundamental negative nuance that disproportions the weight of chance.
it eludes to assumption.. redolent of grey area...the woulds and shoulds and coulds of negative emotional programming.. ought is a word ive been seeming intrinsically replacing in the vocab, where the shoulds typically pointillate articulations,  one day the elimination of all resonance of should will fill my universewquiet sense of resolute purpose.
until discovery of such term..ought ought to do.
ought to get closer to a point. w/outdigressions pointillating..
subconsciously compiling an almanac of spurious actions projected by a specific species of seekers.
iniquities abound often in the most spiritual of sanctums. we ought'nt judge for the notion of unique challenges and the dutiful openheartedness of a bodhisattvatempered outlook leads one to empathy.
forever perceiving innate truths in all is a tough gig. esp. when uncalled upon or leading to distraction of purpose and frustration of priority..a tough gig but someones gotta execute.
bigworldchangingideas take root in the truth. ....tbcw/ptb

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...