Sunday, February 3, 2013

What comes naturally,
Flows organically,
Exists us without too much strategy,
Becomes that which we must strive to embody consistently;
It's not so much of a mystery,
The reality of harmony
is living aligned with grace, In the dance that is our lives.

If it is difficult
Is it not worth doing?
Nothing worth doing comes easy.
Yet when considering the notion of living in line with natural talent-
It's effortless execution that weaves wonder -around the struggles that seem to give value and meaning to so many worthy challenges.
If I exercised the option,
Of doing nothing but what came simply-
What required no plotting,
No planning,
No measure of conflict,
No pleasure in victoriously overcoming an odd,
Would it devalue the notion
Of working hard against the grain ?
demystify the riddle of the reality of strain?
I find somewhere in the balance
That reality reveals itself.
In a true measure of wordless wisdom,
i've no need to claim capture on unseen duels between chaos and bliss.

The intention is all that matters in anything that is done
Forgo detail, stipulation, clause or consideration - the only virtue in dis-empowered action is the ease of its remiss.

Indeed, What comes without struggle
Without a battle to exist,
Wields the most powerful potential
For freedom - for it is closest to bliss.

So I forgive the countless complications,
The unrequited commiserations,
The lackluster abbreviations,
The shortcuts to solving situations,
That in their purest form of being,
We're never complex to begin with;
In their real est state of intrigue,
Were all but fabricated by my ego.

To draw conquest to conclusion
With measurable victory,
And unseverable unity,
The truth is:
It is easy to be a winner when there is no competition to engage in.
So, does the small insight to motivation-
Reveal much to apply?
Do tiny unearthed truths define the measure by which to strive?
Or is all of it a crafted example
With which to prove what lays
At the root of all curiosity- in the context of the brave -
a neverending need for cultivated chaos,
or the mission to summon courage
to intrinsically survive
When living's Easy-
aligned with innate knowing,
Flow with that which provides no opposition but instead inspires you to thrive.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...