Sunday, February 3, 2013

breathe your own mantras

it's of primary importance, reaching balance of (in)ordinance.
collapsing barriers, that promote single-minded defeat in a many-faceted battle.
silence, i know your name.
your familiar resonance calculates predictable action,
for an un-charted frequency you have betrayed.
i understand your unwillingness to waver,
yet will not forgive an un-lived attempt at a life without control.
relinquish needs,
absolve greed.
touch base with what you see as the reason for your disallowed dreams.
a thriving measure of willingness creeps in when you least expect it- next door to silence is birthed the opportunity to become unchained.
adjacent to understanding is bred the solution to all riddles.
there are no answers- no sage advice to follow in the ongoing battle of the self.
you must craft your own therapeutics,
write your own self help book.
paint your own success story,
it's the secret that no one tells you, for they are blind to understanding anything beyond themselves.
what works as a uniform for me, surely will not fit as a ball gown on you.
what makes sense in my unravelling, will only bind you further-
for it is the guru in yourself that you must seek.
do not invest in what another promises as the answer to unbound living,
their answer is your riddle, and your process is most certainly my habit-
the one which i seek to break on my journey to wellness.
on the path to my wholeness, breathe your own brilliant mantras.
swallow none of the potions i'm drinking,
i'll follow none of the leaders you are seeking,
be your own light in the blackout.

if i ever imagined a world where all was possible,
it might be a skeptics fairytale.
i've never gathered any truth to share with masses- nor followed any road that led to the crafting of multi-dimensional understanding by the measure of what you might know as real.
it is a solitary journey, and you are the lone traveler.
connected by the notion that i am you, and you are me- and all is we,
but in the singular sense it's only your perception that leads the way to the collective truth of oneness.
the horizons that breed entry,
cannot be shared.
the answers that lead to understanding,
they are not me X you = truthsquared.

it is tempting to seek your way- if you seem happy
it is endless though to follow a path you did not blaze.


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