Sunday, February 19, 2012

gratitudeglossary..108measuresofgrace pt ll

continued from part one
{.... grace count 32 }

gratitude weaves juicy robust intrigue into mundane appreciation.
gratitude grants magic & miracle to otherwise simple thanks.
praise for the richness and depth that it gives to meaning,
to the profound remembering that awakens it from casual slumber.
...a diligent exercise in mastery of moments.
a lessening to false tragedy, fabricated dramatics, chameleonchaos, breeding minute instances of formidable flourish.
emotion is shining and translucent in surmise to tracing the elegance of thegratefulfeeling that floods in soaking through the fabric of awareness, like an accidental incontinence on the trousers of perception....gratitude turns meek into majestic.
its subtlety a whimsical and contented dance. fluid and full without overshooting its excellence.
graceful and confounded even before its birth.
for the birth of gratitude is incessant
consistent if properly aligned and made fertile for.
onto the instances, the paramount factors for perpetuating the list of neverceasing potential

grateful for so much suffering in the wake of creation, so much death making way for rebirth. the pain that makes pregnant the possibility to evolve, to shine brighter, to serve higher the resolute- the graceful, the truth.

gratitude for your has taught me much about the true meaning of courage. of bravery. of fullheartedness and ego and sacrifice and of love.
its pitiful existence a catalyst to that which i previously & repeatedly refused to do.
to put myself first. to commit to my own success. to re-enforce my own virtue and values and vigilante nature. where you lack is where i am strong. where i have built even higher standards for integrity in action, even stronger bridges in the ashes of former failure.

gratitude for the lessons i learn each and every moment, if excellence is in fact habit, we are what repeatedly do, each moment to each- and in every instance that i remember to be mindful.. to exhale with intention and become present for my life, i am affirming appreciation for the truth of existence. repetitive awakening that neverceases- and creates space for my unfolding.

i am grateful for afternoons filled with ambient promise - the moments i am here- in this moment, by my hand becoming freer... seeing further.

for candlelit altars and symbols of sacred intention... for the countless tealights i have burned into the atmosphere of my manifestingreality... for fire.

gratitude for choice. i am grateful to live in a world that is free. this point could be sticky as the notion of freedom is entirely up for debate, and entirely dependent upon individual perspective, but in this example my gratitude perhaps ought to be extended instead geographically... so then i am grateful for Canada. for its wide open spaces.. cold dawns and intense skies full of sunshine. for some semblance of equality and thus ability to live as it were, on terms of our own. without standards of oppression or political imprisonment ( explicitly not implicitly.. as again political imprisonment is another perceptionbased truth. )

gratitude for the fact i am a woman. mysterious and sublime it is to be uniquely feminine, with differing parts yin and yang.. feminine in incarnation.. how wondrous that notion.
how deliciously fertile with potentiality. to discover reclaim the divine feminine is a worthy and glorious opportunity to be given. let us not lose sight of the inherent magnificence of being woman.
so resilient. so full of persuasion. so much more ability than we choose to embody.

gratitude for levelheadedness. even on the most mad of evenings, in the lowest of landscapes and the most chaotic,ridiculous &seeming tragic situations i always have my head.
my rationality never fails me when i need it.
semantics is my sustainability.
i know where my integrity is and all notion of right and wrong are based upon its scale, which being at heart, for the greater good and the higher truth, always churns out just what is needed. the correct answers.
gratitude for my inherent goodness.

for my big fat heart, that regardless of how many times is the subject of attempted or inadvertent homicidal, malicious, or byproductofselfabsorbed acts, is always willing to go back for more.
to be unleashed again. to open up and shine its nonambivalent transcendental lovelight cross the dawns of new worlds.

gratitude for smiling. its simple muscular movement changes the composition of the entire universe within ourselves. and creates an influx of simple, subtle goodness without.

gratitude for mala beads, and sandalwood and scarves weaved from silky fabric. material though they are they bring simple sensory joy to the act of being human.

for words that seem to come from nowhere, and everywhere, from within and beyond. for the fact that every time i write i feel like i am solving a mystery. unraveling a riddle... deconstructing a memory by giving wings to its graces. holding space for the divine, attending mass for the soul. delivering wisdom to the otherwise left unattended notions, clearing the runway for takeoff.
for the tears that almost come surely to my eyes when i know i have pulled the thread of awareness from the sweater of the veil and come one step closer to remaining free without compromising myself to come back to the place in which i can sum it all up.
i know i will arrive there, the way is already without obstacle. and with my view into now, i can let go of excess complication.


32+26 = 58 tbc

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