Tuesday, April 26, 2011


inspired by the whiff of a dream, recurring, only to show me there is nowhere to go.. each time i am hustling to catch some modeoftransport...struggling to make it onboard, outbound, onwards towards somewhere continuously undefined, elusive, without a passport. there's nowhere to go in the late hours of april...yet gratitude rises, springing eternal as the tiniest bulbs sprout forth their brave blossomsuntothelight...

gratitude for the inbetween moments where i am silently camped out,incubating elevating, dialating my awareness...
gratitude for neverceasing desire to do good. give more than i have, debate reason w/my ego.
gratitude for opportunity, however tiny, & gratitude for the ability to recognize & appreciate it
gratitude for excess for it teaches humility through it's painful lessons
gratitude for removing the metal cage around the heart...for busting open the 4thcentre... for its past-life reprieve, for understanding and consequent releasefrommysamsara
gratitude for the warriors on my side, your bravery inspires me to continue, your love empowers
gratitude for forgiveness, for releasing baggage and distended systems of belief, simplification is blissful
gratitude for listless moments..never idle...stillyetmoving..
gratitude for small comforts, icing sugaredcookies, blueskiesfortellingpromise, tiny purple flowers & mossy barked trees, gratitude for tea in the late afternoon
gratitude for listening, for the ability to empathize, understanding can be the element that saves a troubled soul
gratitude for laughter its miraculous release, its ability to pervade circumstance and shift all to higher ground
gratitude for not knowing, in the state of confusion, surrendering w/non-action we discover the flow
gratitude for abundance, its measure is limitless, its wealth is in the moments that we truly know joy
gratitude for redemption, each man deserves to sing his song of freedom
gratitude for sleeping jade-wearing kittens, purring happily at one's side, quiet company for the sleepless.



Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...