Saturday, November 23, 2013


2years gone,
i know where i am,
where are you?
scattered ashes from the remnants of my suffering, the piece of soul i gave to you scabbed over long ago.
i found a salve in the form of digressive numbness that deters me from picking at it,
a lapse in my ever-revolving door of selfdestruction.
the limitless wake of what might have been is a shadow that defies circumstance
shrouds over me when i recall
the scentedmemory of soundtrackednights under milkywayskies,
hammocksleeps and unprecedentedlove, haunts, but never flaunts heartbreak now that i'vehealedme.
when i returnto the land of the sun, the edge of the world that beckons,
i will be alone, standing, amnesiacal to any destruction,
a barely escaped fallen utopia.
transformed by my own transformation.
and you are out there somewhere, echoing regret, with no opportunity to mend a burned bridge.
suppose that's the sacrifice made from fear.



the energy flows in, the portal opens itself for transmission, submission to the frequency that dials us in to unified motion, devotion to...