Monday, November 21, 2011

alleviating unanswered excerpts from your life
the courage to be kind and strong, willful despite circumstance,
graces the arms, and the hearts, of not everyone.
take kindly to the invitation to relieve suffering, on multiple levels.... in so many incarnations... never sway from the lips of higher wisdom.
the truth that roots in your body like a grounded fortitude unfit for debate,
allows space for the solution to breathe... and it weaves into your awareness, like a great quilt of inherent &artfulknowing... a beautiful, brutal, unquestionable wingedgift...thats been there all along, patiently perched on the foot of the sofa, ...unfolds its wings revealing:
it is with integrity to my own inner knowing that i am affirmed in my inklings.

Love leans in with forgiving Grace to replace the millennia of suffering with an opportunity for elevation, for re-creation of our species&...